The Legends of Sinbad RPG!

Our friends at Game Smiths are at it again, and this time around they are creating a whole new setting for Savage Worlds.  Legends of Sinbad is a historical fantasy setting set in the year 801 C.E. where the players are all crew members on a ship set to explore uncharted waters and brave unknown danger.  The book itself will have everything you need to play in this new setting, including all of the basic Savage Worlds rules, which means you can pick up this one source book and have everything you need to play.

This setting is already well fleshed out and they have plans to add more locales to the book throughout the development process.  You can see a current map of the areas they plan to develop below.

Early Map for Legends of Sinbad

Players can meet or play as members of many different cultures including Vikings from the Norselands, citizens from Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms, druidic barbarians from Celtic Kingdoms, members of the Eastern Roman Empire as well as the expected Arabic Abassid Caliphate.  There are also mythological monsters like the kraken, frost giants, dragons, trolls and more to deal with as each culture also contributes the creatures from its mythology.
Right now you can secure your copy of the PDF version of the book for $10 on KickStarter with the usual added levels for differing levels of backing.  Right now the KickStarter is only focused on a PDF version of the book but they promise a print option if funding gets high enough, which it seems likely to do since they just started and are already over 90% funded.  There is also talk of a PathFinder conversion if backing is sufficient so those of you who enjoy PathFinder might be interested as well!


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