#060 Jodi & Clint Black talk Savage Worlds

Bonus: Win a signed copy of Necessary Evil Explorer’s Edition by leaving a comment below!

This week we talk Savage Worlds with Jodi and Clint Black.  Jodi works as an editor for many Savage Worlds products and her store Beautiful Brains is sponsoring this week’s contest!  Clint is the Savage Worlds Brand Manager at Pinnacle and also one of the authors of Necessary Evil.  Join us as we talk to them about all things Savage and enter a comment below telling us your favorite Savage Worlds supplement(s) for a chance to win a copy of necessaryEvilNecessary Evil signed by Clint and Jodi.

The contest is open to all residents of the US and Canada.  The winner will be chosen at random from all entries present as of midnight Eastern Standard Time January 5, 2013 and notified within two weeks.  Duplicate entries will be removed.

Good luck and thanks to Beautiful Brains for sponsoring this contest!

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32 Responses to “#060 Jodi & Clint Black talk Savage Worlds”

  1. Eric Pierce says:

    Love the show! Favorite SW supplement is Deadlands Reloaded. Would love to try Necessary Evil.

  2. David McKeehan says:

    Great show! I am a long time supers fan and loved NE for the new spin on the capes classics.

  3. Great show, truly! I’ve been playing SW for years now and i’d really like to win the signed copy, the settings sounds fresh and nice!

  4. Scott Johnson says:

    Favorite SW supplement is Deadlands Reloaded.

  5. Great show, truly! I’ve been playing SW for years now and i’d really like to win the signed copy, the settings sounds fresh and nice!

    My favorite setting? That’s a tough one as they’re all really good, but i think i’ll choose “Necropolis 2350″, it’s a great dystopian setting with a really dark horror twist!

  6. Every since I read Marc Miller’s Wanted comic book (an not that silly movie translation that removed everything this book is about) I’ve been toying with the notion of a campaign set in that type of world. It would take conversion, hours of work, lots of creativity. And so much elbow grease. If I worked hard enough, I could even slide in his Kick Ass and Nemesis series into it.

    Now, with the release of Necessary Evil, that conversion has come to me without effort. Now I can run a super villain campaign.

    Thank you Pinnacle. Thank you for years of fantastic ideas and products.

  7. Joshua Trease says:

    Always good to see Savage Worlds get more exposure. Looking forward to running a West Marches style game this semester.

  8. I want free stuff!
    Also would be nice to hear more about SW. More specifically about settings like Hellfrost, Beasts and Barbarians and Interface Zero.

  9. Paul Pearce says:

    Sundered Skies is my favorite, an interesting twist on the classic fantasy tropes

  10. Hi there! Great show, I didn’t know about Savage Worlds’ history.

    My favorite setting is definitely the “Daring Tales of the Sprawl/Adventures/Space Lanes”. The “get a free benny each scene and heal a wound” rule really pushes the player to try insane stuff – and get away with it!

  11. I’m excited to have another podcast that is doing Savage Worlds content. Thanks!

  12. I first picked up Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition a few weeks ago and so far I haven’t progressed beyond setting up plans to run some of the one page adventures in the back of the book for some of my friends. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Deadlands, though, so I might be looking to get that at some time in the future.

  13. James Browning says:

    I just started my group on Savage Worlds because we needed a game that was easy to pick up and run and gave a lot of bang for your buck in a short amount of time for our weekly pick up sessions. We’re all really big supers genre fans and have played a lot of supers games over the years. We’d love to give Necessary Evil a shot. We’ve never tried any western games but different parts of the setting really hooked us and we’re now gearing up to try our hands at running a Deadlands campaign with some of the cool adventures for it that we’ve bought recently.

  14. Weird west for the win! Love Deadlands: Reloaded.

  15. A great book for savage worlds. I’ve run it once but plan on doing it again.

  16. Awesome show.

  17. Great Show… its become one of my favs.

  18. Chris "Savage Mommy" Fuchs says:

    I’m a huge Savage Worlds fan. I think Deadlands is my favorite.

  19. Mike Lively says:

    I am partial to Slipstream myself. It’s got great parallels to the Flash Gordon movie of yesteryear (the one with the Queen Soundtrack…)…

    …and Clint’s rules advice on the forum is INVALUABLE!

  20. Savage Worlds rocks! My favorite supplement has to be the Horror Companion. Awesome game!

  21. Ben Blanding says:

    Always great to hear from Clint.

  22. Nice show. Currently my favorite setting is Sundered Skies but there are so many I want to try …

  23. Necessary Evil was my first Savage Worlds setting. Brilliant setting.

  24. Ryan O'Neill says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I can’t choose between Sundered Skies and Hellfrost – they are both too awesome.

  25. Sean E. McConkey says:

    I’m loving SW..
    from Deadlands to Pirates of the Spanish Main to Bedlam..

    I am sure, if I am lucky enough to win, that NE will be similarly awesome

  26. Michael Z says:

    I’ve been playing Caladon Falls for over a year now. That has been my favorite fantasy setting for Savage Worlds. Rippers has been quite an adventure as well. Of course…I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for Weird Wars.

    Great podcast!

  27. Jeff Messina says:

    Good interview thanks folks!
    You are now on my “podcasts to listen to” list :)

    Currently running a Necessary Evil game..so sign me up for the contest

  28. Jodi and Clint are my two favorite savages

  29. Nick Serluco says:

    Love every setting I’ve played so far. 50 Fathoms has been my favorite, but I’m about to start a Rippers campaign! Would love to try out Necessary Evil!

  30. Love Agents of Oblivion. I ran a suoers one-shot with a borrowed NE book, would love to have my own!!!

  31. I too would have to say Deadlands: Reloaded

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