The Littlest Shoggoth KickStarter from Stan!

Artist and friend of our goblin overlords Stan! has his very first KickStarter! Several years ago Stan! wrote and illustrated a Cthulhu Mythos inspired children’s Christmas story.

Let that sink in for a minute (Cthulhu…children…¬†Christmas…)

Okay, now that your mind has been broken in a way that only the Great Old Ones could approve of we’ll continue. This KickStarter is to create a full run of published versions of this great story. The KickStarter only started up yesterday and has already reached over half of the funding goal ($5,000) but there is still time for you to get your backer status and get a signed copy of the book, or even have Stan! create a sketch of you!

Go check out this great KickStarter and wait patiently for the arrival of your book, or the rising of Cthulhu, whichever comes first. I can’t wait to read this book to my own lil’Shoggys on Christmas night for years to come.


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