The Fey in DnD Next

In this week’s Wandering Monsters James Wyatt talks about the Fair Folk and how they may be portrayed in D&D Next.  Overall the tone of the article looks great to me and I’m happy with the descriptions of Fey creatures that he includes within the article.  The only problem I have is the apparent backpedaling from the Feywild as a core part of the D&D cosmology.  In 4e the Feywild and Shadowfell became the light and dark twins to the natural world and formed the core base from which Fey and Shadow/Undead creatures originate.  From what James says in his article they are planning to back up to a more 3e view of the Feywild for D&D Next where it is an optional part of the overall cosmology and not so ingrained into the core of the game.

While I understand that viewpoint, as a DM that is about to move his campaign into the Feywild I have and will continue to invest a lot of time and world building into the portions of the Feywild where my PCs venture.  If/when we decide to move forward into D&D Next I would like the process to go as smoothly as possible and it sadly looks as if the support for the Feywild as we know it is being pulled back by a large degree.  Of course that will probably not be the worst of my problems if I decide to move the campaign into the next edition of D&D.  Players are never happy when you move existing characters into new editions.

Check out this week’s Wandering Monsters and let us know what you think.

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