Quest For Glory designers KickStarter!

That’s right, the designers of Quest For Glory have a KickStarter to create a new game, Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption and it looks amazing.  There is less than a week left on this KickStarter and it is barely over half way to the goal.  This is going to (hopefully) be a high quality video game so they need $400,000 to make this happen.  I know I spent many many hours as a young lad playing Sierra games and they are certainly one of the reasons I still enjoy role-playing games.

Everyone who ever enjoyed one of those games should back this.  Even if you don’t play computer games anymore you should still back this game for all of those kids who should have the same chance you did to play an awesome adventure RPG Sierra-style.  So stop reading this, go here, and back this game which is certain to be great.  Then tell your friends.  You can also see a brief explanation of why these two designers are doing the KickStarter in the first place below.

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