Nemezis: Savage Worlds in Space

If there is one thing you can never have enough of it is cool settings for Savage Worlds campaigns.  Nemezis allows you to take your adventuring into a future where mankind is being attacked by the forces of Dark Gods bent on the destruction of humanity.  This book is 161 pages long and contains setting information, new equipment, monsters and of course everything you need to know about the evil deities  and their nefarious schemes.  There’s also a large section about cybernetic implants and nanotech that is used to improve your characters in various ways, from anti-gravity systems to elastic bones.  We originally picked up this book to use as an addendum to our home brewed Warhammer 40k setting but it would definitely be fun to use the settings just as they are described within the book.  I’m especially excited about throwing some of the more interesting creatures from the bestiary at my budding Space Marines in our next playing session!


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  1. Thanks man. I’d love to see your homebrew rules for 40K.

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