2012 D&D Holiday Gift Guide Released

Always conscious of how hard it can be to make sure parents and loved ones get good gifts for their D&D playing children Wizards of the Coast has just released their 2012 Holiday Gift Guide which is a one page PDF with a smattering of current products.  Looking over this list is fairly interesting as it shows what things WotC thinks are important and worth pushing into the new year.  Of particular note is that there is not a single D&D 4e product on listed on the PDF.  There are the three core rulebook reprintings for both 1st and 3.5 editions however.  Beyond that are several map packs (usable in any edition), the Menzoberranzan and Ed Greenwood Presents Elminster’s Forgotten Realms books which are both edition independent and a slew of board games, dungeon command packs and novels.  I would recommend the War of the Spider Queen volume 1 and volume 2 books to anyone who hasn’t read them yet as they are very entertaining and having them combined into Anniversary Collections is a quick and cheap way to grab them up.

Check out the guide and if you find things you want print it off and hand it over to whatever relatives you think might be willing to help feed your D&D addiction.  Or if you are on the other side of the coin you can print this off to give to your D&D loving loved one and have them check off the things they would like Santa to bring!

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