Wizards on GenCon 2012

This morning Wizards of the Coast released a new article reviewing all of the fun from GenCon 2012 along with some YouTube videos (some included below) of the excitement.  If you went this year check out the videos and let us know if you see yourself!  Sadly none of us here at The Beat were able to make it as the goblins had us toiling away on deadlines.  They did say we might be able to go next year but of course they say that every year.  For more information check out the source article and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.

The Keynote:



 source: wizards.com

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  1. Whatever, man; you know the Bronies are your favorite! On another topic, I am beginning to think that all the stories about Elminster by Ed Greenwood are actually autobiographical.

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