New KickStarter Coming for NRG Game System

The fine people over at Game Smiths LLC. recently informed our wonderful goblin overlords of a KickStarter they have planned for November 12th to help launch their new N.R.G. RPG system.  Now that sounds okay, and we hear about quite a few KickStarters here at the Goblin Beat, but reading over the actual full description of the upcoming KickStarter we realized that these guys are for real!  Not only can you go now and try out a light
version of the N.R.G. rules for free to know in advance if you’ll like this game, you can also play all of the content in Pathfinder or Savage Worlds.  Not only that, but one of the stretch goals (that’s right you can already see all of the stretch goals here) is to have the Savage worlds content written by Shane Hensley, you know, the guy that literally wrote the book on Savage Worlds.  There are also stretch goals to have Wayne Reynolds create multiple pieces for the game as well, (he’s already done the cover for the main book/boxed set).  Fans of D&D and Pathfinder will recognize Wayne’s style immediately and it certainly adds to the overall package Game Smiths has put together.  So check out the free sample of the game, look over the great list of stretch goals and mark your calendars for November 12th.  We certainly will,  and in the mean time you can check out the promo video below as well.

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