Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United Looks Kind of Crappy

It is an undeniable truth that Marvel has made excellent movies in the last decade, starting with the first Iron Man movie and following straight through to this past summer’s blockbuster, The Avengers. What some folks might not realize is that Marvel has also released some pretty entertaining straight-to-DVD (or in my case, straight-to-NetFlix) feature-length, animated movies. Some of the best that I have seen include Hulk Versus, Planet Hulk and both Ultimate Avengers features (You can go HERE for a pretty comprehensive list of what Marvel has available on NetFlix Streaming).

Marvel is now releasing Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United, and, quite frankly, it looks like doo-doo. I don’t say that lightly because I really have liked most of what Marvel has done recently, and I always pull for them whenever they release something new.

It really looks to me like a middle schooler could likely have done a better job with the CG animation than what is show-cased in this trailer. It looks like the animators were a bit on lazy side as well, as illustrated by all of the enemy bots that look exactly-the-freaking same. Maybe it has a decent storyline? Doesn’t matter if people can’t get past the amateurish animation. C’mon Marvel, you got plenty of money and talent; you can do a better job than this.

Check out the trailer below and make your own thoughts known in the comments.

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