A Brief History of D&D Goblins

This morning the HGIC (Head Goblin In Charge) gave me the stink-eye as I slunk into my work area under one of the tables in The Goblin Beat conference room.  That in and of itself isn’t very unusual but then he hit me in the face with a wadded up piece of paper.  Again, not unusual, what was unusual was that there was a printed out article from Wizards of the Coast dated almost two weeks ago on the paper.  I was extremely surprised first because I didn’t know the HGIC could work the printer and second because the article was about Goblins in D&D over the last 40 years and I would have expected him to bring it up on the day the article appeared.  In any case I implore you to check out the article “Goblins! A Brief Look Back at Goblinoids” from issue 416 of Dragon, no subscription required.  If you don’t I’m afraid what might happen to me…I don’t want to go the way of Matt’s stuffed Dalek!

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  1. Super cool article! I had no idea that the first illustration of a Bugbear had a pumpkin for a head…maybe WOTC should bring that look back in time for Halloween.

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