50 Fathoms gets Deeper Fantasy Grounds Support

One of the things we love here at The Goblin Beat about Savage Worlds, besides the fun and quick game mechanics, is the wealth of great settings available: Cthulhu, Western, Noir and all of the other settings beyond just straight sci-fi and fantasy (and sci-fi/fantasy fusions) that you get in many other systems.  We’re also huge fans of being able to play these games online since we tend to be fairly spread out and several of us travel a great deal.  That’s why it’s great to hear about things like Fantasy Grounds adding additional support for Savage Worlds games.  This new support includes “the 50 Fathoms GM library module, the 50 Fathoms Player Guide module, custom extensions, a load of new Edges, Hindrances, equipment, NPCs, stats, adventures, and more!” meaning that you basically have everything you need to play the game.

Let us know what you think about Fantasy Grounds below and tell us your favorite Savage Worlds setting (mine is currently our custom Warhammer 40k one).

 source: peginc.com

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