Goblins Take Over Crimson Bastards!

It is my sad *Ow!* I mean very happy honor to announce that the Crimson Bastards website has been recently taken over by goblins.  They are settling in nicely and are eating all of our food, taking our offices and generally making us all crazy…uh I mean happy, very happy.  Things will run much better with the goblins here watching every word we type.  They aren’t at all creepy and it was completely not their fault that Matt’s favorite stuffed Dalek got mutilated when it fell on their knives fourteen times.  That was a complete accident.

The one big change our new overlords, I mean editors, have insisted on is to our name.  Instead of being known as The Crimson Bastards we’ll now be The Goblin Beata reputable news, review and podcast site not at all lorded over by tyrannical goblin overlords, or just The Goblin Beat for short.  Our website will also be changing to http://goblinbeat.com but going to crimsonbastards.com will simply forward you to the new site so no worries there.

We are all super excited to have the goblins here making sure everything goes smoothly because everything was crap before they got here and now it will be so much better.  Apparently that was a bit too thick as my favorite star wars figurine just lost his head.  I think I’ll stop now and see if anything is left in our fridge.

Remember GoblinBeat.com and let us know what you think of the new name!

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