Another TableTop Episode Review: Elder Sign

If you still haven’t taken the time to watch an episode of TableTop starring Wil Wheaton on Youtube, you owe it to yourself to watch this latest episode. Other than starring the beautiful and talented (and oh so geeky) Felicia Day, along with the CEO of Blizzard and the co-creator and writer for The Big Bang Theory TV show, this game turns out to be another fun one to watch as well as play.

This is another one of those everyone-vs-the-board type games where everyone cooperates to beat the game together or otherwise everyone loses similar to Forbidden Island and Pandemic. There seems to be a set of elder god cards to pick from with one being more difficult than the other based on the number of doom tokens they need to win (and thus, everyone playing loses.) They get doom tokens through various means throughout the game when drawing certain cards or failing certain tasks. The game “board” is actually just a grid layout of “rooms” or “areas” like the Public Lavatory that have a set of two or three tasks listed on them. On your turn you pick which

one you want to go to by putting your character marker on it then roll a handful of dice to complete each task. Each task listed on the place card shows one or more of the icons on the dice like magnifying glass, scroll, tentacles, and a number of how many of each you need to roll. You can take as many rolls as you like to complete but you have to set aside one less die each time. If you can’t roll the right ones by the time you get to your last

 die you fail the “scene” and suffer the ill effects listed on the card. This is usually your character losing a Stamina or Sanity token. Your character is out of the game as soon as you run out of Stamina OR Sanity.

The players are trying to gain thirteen ELDER SIGNS to seal away the elder god and thus win the game. You can get elder signs by completing certain scenes or by cashing in 10 TROPHIES you earn by completing all the tasks on a scene card.

Not only am I going to buy this game now after watching it played, I recommend you do to!

Since I have yet to buy the game I will rate this episode of Table Top based on the number of times I laughed out loud:

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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  1. I’m a big fan of this game already, and there’s a few things extra to note about it. It can be played as a solo game with no real difference to how it all unfolds, so is totally worth the cost. If you are a bit short of funds though, you can pick up a basic edition of the game for androids and iphones too, for very little money indeed.

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