Tabletop Forge Kickstarter Review

A new kickstarter project you should be interested in called Tabletop Forge has hit the streets. Their plan is to build this as a plugin for the Apps portion of a Google+ hangout.  It would allow you and your friends to play something like Dungeons and Dragons over a Google+ video hangout.  What is a Google+ hangout?  In case you haven’t joined the plethora of geeks on the new social network from Google, Google+ is their answer to Facebook.  As an aside, my favorite feature of Google+ is being able to edit your posts after you post them to fix spelling and grammar mistakes, etc.  A hangout is something like Skype video calling you can have up to eight people join.  It shows one main video window then the other windows lined up underneath as smaller video thumbnails.  It automatically switches the person talking to the main window on the fly so as the conversation goes around it’s easy for everyone to see who’s talking.  This app will run on the side and will give everyone access to things like maps, dice, character info, character tokens, drawing tools, area of effect templates, and many other tools to make playing a table top RPG over the internet easy and fun.  The idea is to make it all in one place on Google+ without have to break out multiple tools like RP Tools and Skype.  The idea is to make everything very customizable and very easy to use for both the DM as well as the players.  This looks to be a very promising replacement for the people who currently use other means to get your game on with your friends that live too far away to play around the same table.  I would recommend backing this project even though as of right now they have already gotten $12,000 pledged of the $5,000 they wanted.  Keep an eye on this project and give it try once they finish it!  Did I mention their idea is to keep it free?  Here’s a line from the Kickstarter page:  “No matter what, Tabletop Forge itself is going to remain free because this is a product we feel that the community deserves and we want to encourage new gamers in the hobby.”

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