Review: Psience Web Series

Psience is a new web series coming out today.  From the press release:

Get ready to be spellbound by Psience, an exciting sci-fi mystery series ( where Big Brother meets Harry Potter. This new WEB series is set in an Orwellian world where young 20-something sorcerers or psientists, as they are called, hone their magic skills in The Co-op, a secret community in the heart of a large urban centre.

The Good

This is a very intriguing idea and the use of the words psionics and science together to form psience is smart.  The show does a good job of incorporating both fields.  For an all-around theme for a webcast show, I was very interested in seeing what this was all about!

The Bad/Ugly

There are  random ominous tones and random pauses by the actors that give the feeling of a horror movie.  I was actually expecting Jack the Ripper to jump out from behind a closed-door and start murdering people…didn’t happen.  The over-use of the seemingly made up word “deiche”, if that’s how it’s spelled, is confusing.  I found myself wondering if this is the Canadian version of the word “douche”, the majority of the audience will be clueless as to what deiche means, or at least I am.

I only watched the first issue entitled “Don’t Snoop” so most of my comments are very issue 1 centric and some of the problems I saw could be resolved in later issues.  That being said, the show moves painfully slow.  The acting is what you expect from a web show, especially one that is only just getting started, not great but better than my little brother reading it in monotone.


This show is a very cool idea.  The Co-op full of houses with innumerable doors that require the right key to get inside is very interesting.  Plenty of shows that go on to be great have bumpy starts and this could certainly end up falling into that category, we’ll just have to wait and see.  For now though I lost interest and probably won’t go back to Psience unless someone I trust can convince me that it gets better later on and is worth my time to watch again.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

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  1. I like it when your little brother reads things in monotone (Hey there, Matthew! Why don’t you ever call or write?)!

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