Dad Reviews: Kenny and the Dragon

Back in the late nineties my friends and I got our hands on the Planescape box set for second edition Dungeons and Dragons.  There were tons of things about the set that were compelling, immersive and just plain cool.  But what I remember most about all of it now looking back is the art work.  Something about it made me love everything to do with Planescape and to this day I can’t look at a single drawing from that set without feeling nostalgia.  The tiefling first illustrated there is still my idea of how a tiefling should look despite the changes made in the newer editions of Dungeons and Dragons.

Well it turns out that the artist responsible for all that wonderful work in Planescape went on to also become a writer.  Many of you will know Tony DiTerlizzi for his work as a co-author for The Spiderwick Chronicles.  I have yet to read any of those books with my kids but I have watched the movie with them and they really enjoyed it so it might be worth a review in the future.

One of my sons has a real love for anything dragon or dinosaur related along with a love of bedtime stories so we spend a good bit of time reading different books every week.  Recently while looking on Amazon for new books I came across this one by the aforementioned Tony DiTerlizzi.  At 151 pages it was longer than our normal bedtime story which can be read in a few minutes before bed.  As a result I had to spend some time explaining that we would read some each night before bed until we finished it.  Once that idea sunk in though the reading of this book was wonderful.

Every night while we were reading it my son would rush into his room at bedtime and grab the book, bring it to me and then hop on his bed so we could get back to Kenny and Grahame (like the cracker).  The illustrations are a great way to break up story reading and getting to the next one was one of my three-year old’s big reasons for always wanting to read more of the book.

The story moves along quickly and all of the characters are well fleshed out, feeling realistic and helping to drive the story along naturally.  I also really appreciated the mentions several other books get within the story as Kenny all of the main characters are book lovers and constantly talking about great books they are reading or have read, all the way from Gilgamesh to The Reluctant Dragon.

Kenny and the Dragon is a wonderful book and a great addition to any family’s collection.  It worked well for us as a bedtime story but older children will enjoy reading it themselves.  Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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  1. Wow, Danny, this review kind of makes me want to have kids so I can read this book to them….at some point. Great review!

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