Art Contest

We here at Crimson Bastards are pleased to announce a new art contest.  Simply email us an original piece of artwork created by you and inspired in some way by Crimson Bastards and you could win a shiny new board game courtesy of

The contest will run from now until next Wednesday (May 2, 2012) at midnight with a winner being chosen and notified via email sometime on the following Saturday.  Your submission should be in some way related to Crimson Bastards but other than that you are free to choose what to draw for yourself.  You could create a drawing of any/all of the characters in our Depths of Insanity campaign, or a particular scene from the podcast or perhaps attempt to create a new CB symbol or flag.  Send your submissions to

More details including the games to be given away after the break.

Special thanks to RPG Shop for sponsoring this contest. is giving away a game a week as well, simply type in our website name or URL in the checkout shipping instructions to be entered in their weekly giveaway. has one of the best selection of unusual dice online!

The following board games are being given away:

Five Fingered Severance

Grave Business

Those Pesky Humans


NILE deLuxor


Whether you win or not we retain the right to put up any and all submissions on the site etc. and if you’re submission is really good we are not above begging you to do more work for us in the future.  Send all submissions to and good luck!

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  1. Guess we are excluded from this contest, huh? Oh well. Hope we get some cool stuff – maybe a portrait of my character, Aramil? *hint, hint*

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