Review: Merlin on SyFy


A friend invited me over last Friday to watch a TV show called “Merlin”. She led me to believe the show – full of magic, sword fighting, and other adventures in Camelot – was very much worth my while to see.  So she queued up the latest episode from her DVR and we watched it.  Needless to say I was, pardon the pun, spellbound by the action and witty banter between the young king Arthur and young Merlin. The next day I couldn’t help but check if I could watch all the previous episodes somehow online.  It turns out Hulu has all the episodes available through the free, non Hulu plus means.
The writers and story creators made it similar to a book you can’t put down. You have to know what happens next or how some new character will come back one day.  I’m not sure how much it draws from actual Camelot story but it is very fun to ride along with the teenage Arthur and the knights while Merlin is still learning magic.  There are funny times when Merlin has to use magic to make someone trip or edge of your seat scenes where the spell isn’t working with only moments away from peril.  If you are a fan of the Camelot story you’ll enjoy this show 110%.  Even if you’re just a fantasy fan you’ll want to watch this show.  I’m almost reminded of the Xena show only this one has less campy sound effects and over the top stunts and replaced it with magic and magical creatures.  Merlin’s best work is simply moving things around after zooming in on his gold glowing eyes.  He seems to do this at least once per episode. I liked this show so much I watched 5 episodes back to back the other night and another episode for lunch each day so far. I’d recommended this show to anyone reading this and would say to watch the first three episodes just to see if you agree.

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