New Paypal Donate Button

Hello out there to everyone in listener/reader land.  Those of you with a sharp eye might notice a new button on the right hand side of the ol’ Crimson Bastards webpage with the word “Donate” written conspicuously upon it.  I know what you’re thinking: Great now these guys are trying to take my money too.  And you’re right!  But we are at least going to offer you something in return for your generosity.  As the text above the button says, we will dedicate a podcast to anyone that donates $10 US currency or more at any given time.  If you can only donate a smaller amount of money than that we completely understand and we’ll probably still acknowledge you in a podcast, you just won’t get the whole thing dedicated to you is all.

For those of you out there that have ever thought to yourself “Wouldn’t it be cool to actually play D&D with the Crimson Bastards?!” we have the $100+ option.  If you are willing to donate that massive amount of money we will invite you to participate in a 1-shot adventure along with three or more of the Crimson Bastard crew.  As long as you are willing we will also record the session and make either the entire thing or hilarious out-takes available as podcasts.

Now you’re probably saying, “Okay so that’s great and all but what do these people need my money for anyway?”  Wow, you are full of great questions today!  The answer to that is fairly straight forward: We want to do more cool stuff for the website and it costs money.  We want to review more board games, role-playing games, books and video games but all of these things cost money.  So the more funds we have the more material we can produce and the more time you can waste…er I mean spend, on our website.  We also need to upgrade our podcasting equipment so any help we can get there would be appreciated as well.


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