Game Review: The Legend of Drizzt

The Legend of Drizzt

The concept behind this game is actually quite good.  You get to explore dungeons as Drizzt or his companions, OR you can choose to spice things up and play as one of the villains from the books.  First-time players will find the pace to be slow and confusing, but once you get down the concept, it goes much faster.

When choosing a character you get to select from several abilities (determined by each individual character), and can change them up from game to game.  The object of the game is to explore the dungeon and successfully win your encounters while keeping all party members alive.  Should a party member drop to 0 hit points, and not be able to heal themselves or be healed by the party for 1 full turn, the game ends, and the encounter is failed.  The dungeons are completely random, and utilize a tile-based system to determine the layout.  Tiles are placed one at a time as the party explores, until the final objective is reached.  (It is important to note that tiles can still be placed after this point, but there is rarely a reason to do so.)

 After playing through the game several times, it became increasingly obvious that Drizzt is WAY overpowered, as he would have a good chance of defeating the encounters alone.  When Drizzt is paired with Artemis, however, the duo become a whirling dervish of death and destruction – loads of fun for the people playing them, but not so much fun for the rest of the party.  I would highly recommend leaving them both out of the game (if possible), and making it more fair to everyone (not to mention much more challenging!) by utilizing the other characters.

All in all, the group of guys that played this game with me had decent things to say about it.  It’s fun to play a game or two at a time, and as each encounter is completely different, it doesn’t get boring.

1-5 players

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

3 Replies to “Game Review: The Legend of Drizzt”

  1. I completely agree that the first time playing through a scenario was slow and somewhat confusing. This may have been because this is the third (I think?) of these adventure games that have been released and this is the first one we’ve played. It’s possible that more rules get added with each release and so there was just a large learning curve for us coming in with this particular game.

    I really enjoyed playing the game once we got the hang of it and I love all of the miniatures!

  2. Wrong. You are both wrong. That game is total crap. It is D&D lite with rules that don’t make any freaking sense. Do not waste your money on this turd.

  3. I think the general consensus is that you were a total whiner-baby about this game 😛 Also you played it while we were still figuring out some of the rules so maybe that was an issue?

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