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Have you ever played the hilarious card game, Munchkin, by Steve Jackson Games?  This review is all about the latest expansion and stand alone card game, Munchkin Zombies.  Most of you reading this blog may have already played it a million times but for those who haven’t I’ll give a little history.  In the regular Munchkin card game all the players are heroes that take turns kicking open doors (by drawing a card from the “doors” pile) in hopes of revealing a simple monster to defeat such as the Level 1 Potted Plant.  You defeat a monster by having a higher level plus all your spiffy items and weapons you pick up from the treasures deck such as the Broad Sword (usable by females only).  You gain a level for every monster you defeat plus some treasure.  The first to level 10 wins the game.  So it behooves the other players to add monster enhancing cards such as “angry” or “undead” that adds +5 or sometimes +10 to the monster making it an “Angry, Undead, Potted Plant” of level 11.  If your numbers are smaller than the monsters then you have to run away by rolling a 5 or 6 on a D6.  If you fail to run away then you get the bad stuff listed on the monster card which usually makes you lose some items or die, causing you to lose all your items and armor and weapons, etc.  You get to come back on your next turn you’ll just be a little bit nekkid.

Munchkin Zombies works by itself or can be added to the existing Munchkin decks all mixed in.  However, the players in this game are actually zombies and the monsters are just regular people!  So you’ll see monsters like the level 1 Hawaiian Shirt Guy, level 2 Janitor or the more formidable level 18 County Sheriff!  Then the other players can add enhancers like “Body-building”, “With a Lawn Mower”, or “With a Double Barreled Shotgun” to make something like a “Body-building Janitor with a Double Barreled Shotgun” to make him total 17.  Just try and eat his brains!  In addition to items, weapons, and armor you get things similar to Super Munchkin with powers that have a rank.  In order to use the power your base level has to equal or exceed the rank listed on the power.  To add more powers your level has to equal the total of all the ranks.  The powers you get as a zombie are Fast, Strong, Smart, Tough, Rotting, and Stealthy.  Fast adds +1 to your run away rolls.  Smart lets you add +3 when you get help or help another player in combat.  In this game you can also have a single Mojo in play (unless you get the double mojo card!) that also makes you a better zombie.  Atomic Zombie for example will give items carried in your hands +1 and do fire/flame damage.

I haven’t had a chance to play this game mixed in with the regular Munchkin cards so I can’t tell you how well that works.  I can assume that since the players are zombies and the monsters are people, it would add a whole other level of comedy and hilarity to the game.  It makes my face hurt just thinking about how much smiling and laughing I would do if it ever happened.

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