Cthulhu Dice

It was only a matter of time before I bought this game, and looking back on it now I can see that as clearly as any doomed man looking back at the choices that led him into the clutches of the dead Cthulhu after stumbling upon R’lyeh. For me the path is as simple as it is convoluted: I am a big fan of Lovecraft and all things Lovecraftian, and I love to play Munchkin. Combined, those two components make buying Cthulhu Dice from SJ Games pretty much a given.


The contents and packaging of this game are very minimal.  The game consists of a single 12 sided die with various Cthulhu related symbols etched into the surface, a resealable plastic bag with eighteen glass stones and a sheet listing the rules to the game, all tightly packed into a sealed baseboard.  The die itself is over sized and fits well in the hand.  The symbols printed into the die are all clean and extremely well done.  The glass stones in my pack were green and exactly the same as any other gaming glass stones you might have seen for other games.


I started out playing this game with my son and we had a pretty good time.  For two players this game works just fine.  You can play an entire game in three to five minutes and it is okay.  Each player gets three stones to start the game and you take turns rolling at your target (any other player, or with two people, the only other player).  Depending on what you roll you can force the player to give a sanity token to Cthulhu, give one to you, or if you roll Cthulhu, make everyone give sanity to Cthulhu!  This can mean that everyone loses some games, which is just as much fun.  The game ends when either one player is left alone with sanity or Cthulhu has made you all insane.

The game becomes really fun when you add a third player.  At that point the Madness rules come into play, letting you keep playing even when you run out of sanity tokens.  We had fun talking in crazy voices and attacking the other players once we were out and the bonus is that if you roll the Elder Sign while crazy you can get one sanity stone back and have a chance to win the game!


How good this game is depends entirely on how many players you have, and how much everyone gets into playing it.  In our case, with three people really getting into the spirit of the game, we had a great deal of fun.  We played about twenty games in forty-five minutes and we all wanted to play some more.  I would recommend this as a fun way to pass the time and you don’t have the time to commit to a full game of Munchkin.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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