Journey Quest

I have a fairly long commute (just over an hour) so I end up listening to a good number of podcasts in order to help pass the time.  Earlier this week I was listening to the Haste, the Obsidian Portal podcast where they mentioned a couple of web series, one of which was Journey Quest.  I hadn’t heard of Journey Quest before but I had heard of the group that created it, Dead Gentlemen Productions, because of The Gamers and The Gamers: Dorkness Rising.  I enjoyed both of the movies, even buying the DVD of The Gamers so that I could show it to all of my gaming friends.  The podcast I was listening to described Journey Quest as being fairly similar to the movies and as soon as I got a chance I went ahead and watched the first season of the show.


The only downside I saw at all to this show was that there were only seven episodes so far.  Thankfully they just wrapped up a kickstarter fundraiser for season two and should hopefully begin production on it soon.  As with the two aforementioned feature-length movies the production quality is very high and the story is quickly engrossing.  The characters in the first seven episodes were painted with fairly broad strokes but with enough depth that you know instinctively what kind of person each of them is and what their role is within the story and the adventuring party.

The pacing is also well done, keeping the story moving without giving you whiplash as it moves from one set of characters to the next.  I recommend this web show to any fan of fantasy and especially to any fans of Dungeons and Dragons or similar role-playing games and I’ll eagerly await season two coming out sometime next year.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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