Neverwinter By R.A. Salvatore


Neverwinter is the second book in the Neverwinter Saga by R.A. Salvatore.  All of the characters from the first book are back and at the center again is Drizzt Do’Urden and his spinning scimitars.  In this book Drizzt and his new traveling companion Dahlia travel around the Neverwinter area ostensibly to track down and remove Sylora Salm from the area.  Before that however they travel around the country side to visit Luskan and stir up trouble there before heading back down towards Neverwinter to have it out with Sylora.  Of course the delay gives their enemies time to work all kinds of mischief and place more obstacles in the way which causes Drizzt and Dahlia to have to fight their way down and makes for a couple of surprising and interesting twists along the way.


Most of us that read these Drizzt books have come to know and love the detailed and intricate fight scenes that Salvatore crafts and this novel is no exception.  For the most part the story moves forward at a good pace and the characters introduced in the first book of the series continue to evolve and become more interesting as the story progresses.  There are also a number of winks and nods to prior books and other book series that were well worked into the overall story.  Of particular interest to me was the surprising addition of the Abolithic Sovereignty.  The Sovereignty is the subject of a trilogy by Bruce R. Cordell, the last book of which published just last year.  It will be interesting to see what if anything comes of the aboleths being included in this new Neverwinter trilogy.


Neverwinter is an easy read and I would recommend it to anyone that is either a fan of Drizzt or the Neverwinter setting.  It did seem that the story drug along at points, with the main characters taking side tracks that were mostly unnecessary and served only to give more time for the secondary story arcs to play out before the inevitable clash of good vs. evil at the end of the book, but the middle book in a trilogy often feels that way.  As long as these seemingly unnecessary parts of the story are pulled back into the overall arc during the third book this could become a very interesting new chapter in the life of Drizzt Do’Urden.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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